Have you ever been annoyed with dating?

I just sick of it all I want is 7 things I want out of a relationship.
1. uncondion love if you loved me 2 hours ago then you will still love me even when I fuck up. Am a guy and only human so we fuck up.
2. someone to build a life with and just another could have been.
3. someone who respects my goals and won't try talking me out of them. only to tell me I have no goals in life after begging me and crying everyday for me not to join the marines.
4. someone who's willing to try new crazy things with me and I don't mean sex. I mean sky driving, camping going new place. just new shit I wanna do
5. someone who understands when I forget things.
6. someone who truly has a kind heart like me will be nice. My ex ex use to sing for me during my bad days and I freaking loved it.
7. someone who will never try controlling me.
O I gotta throw this in there because it's the main problem I have with women.
8. A girl who can think for herself and doesn't let mom&dad rum our relationship. Their is nothing waste them dating. someone who allows their parents to control their relationship truest me. It's the main reason am no longer with my first ex and part of the reason am no longer with my 2 ex now. Are all girls this sad? Mommy and daddy don't like you sorry


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  • Im a girl and I wish more guys were like that. I also don't care if my parents like who I date so long as I'm happy with them that is all that matters.

    • Will it's not to know not all girls base who they date off rather or not their parents approve. and good to hear am not along with what I expected out of a relationship. Which I don't belive I'll ever will find

    • You will, I know its hard to find. I have trouble with it myself but then you see things like this where someone of the opposite sex agrees so its out there its just rare i guess

    • I guest your right it's just annoying that's all. I just wanna date 1 person this year that I have a connection with and won't make me feel like I wasted my time even if we don't work out.

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  • I have never dated. But i look for an SO in almost all girls i know amd see. It has never worked out with me before. I hope someone accepts me haha

  • Just concentrate on having sex, thats it.