Was I right to say this?

There was a girl that liked me a lot a year ago. One day we went to a party and I took her to my house. She asked for a water and went to get her one only to find her naked in my bed. She told me she wanted to have sex with me, but I said I was in a relationship she said she didn't care. So I kindly told her to get dressed and I would take her home. After this we stopped talking and she avoided me.

A year later i developed feelings for her, and I had her in a class so I sat with her only to find her quite cold and distant towards me. So I took this as a sign to leave her alone. The next day I sat with my old friend (who is a girl), and this girl sits right between us and joins in our conversation. My friend said that was weird, and told me that this girl has been talking about me to her friends. On 3 separate occasions I saw her point me out to her friends, who then proceeded to giggle when they saw me looking. When I would see these girls in the halls they would act weird around me, and in class she would always chime in when I had something to say. And when we would see each other she would always wave.

Last week I asked her out, and she said yeah! I called her to find out where we were going to meet, and she said "I don't want any kind of relationship!" So I said "Okay thanks for being honest! And I would appreciate it if you didn't talk about me behind my back with your friends" I then described them and what they looked like and said "These people obviously know who I am, and I don't appreciate it." Then I hung up. Was I wrong to do this?


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  • Give up with her. She's childish and is only firing back because you made her feel like shit initially because she lacked morals and was willingly trying to interfere with your relationship.
    Someone who doesn't respect other people's relationships would not even respect their own.
    I am not sure why you would want something to do with someone who lacks moral character , there's so much other women out there.
    I'd ignore her and not give her the type of day.
    You should her proceed on with her childish antics.
    When you pay attention to her behavior she will feel as if she is winning. I'd ignore them completely and wouldn't even turn my head to make eye contact with her. I'd act as if she did not exist. That hurts more.

  • No you werent. She was soo immature to tell her friends about you. From the way they giggled , its not something good. Maybe she told them about the night that she was naked in your bed and that you refused sex. Which I think was very good of you to do, some men wouldve cheated. I do believe she doesn't want a serious relationship.


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