Do I like her or what?

I think she likes me, because I feel her looking at me lol and I said something funny in class and she burst laughing.

She's pretty cute and I am sexually attracted to her but, I don't know if I like her. I would like to hang out and become her friend though because I need more girl friends lol

I'm so confused


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  • If you said you are sexually attracted to her, then there is every chance you like her.


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  • Son.

    Did you just ask me to go into your head, and form an opinion on whether or not you like this girl FOR you?

    I don't think you know how this whole life thing works. You kinda gotta figure that one out for yourself.

    • I don't know what I want man, maybe I should just be friends first

    • Well, if you want some advice, figure out what you want first before taking a step forward. Otherwise you're just gonna hurt yourself or that poor girl. Be smart, make smart decisions. Know yourself first. Very important in life and love.