Best Online Dating Site

which site do you think it's best and what should the profile say


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  • was listed on time website, great interface, has lots of members and its free lots of add on and questions.

    Write your own profile, you are trying to sell yourself not lie and mislead a potential partner, be yourself...


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    100% free with optional anonymous browsing and unlimited messaging to any user who is not hidden. Also, something I figured out was that if you Favorite someone then you can see exactly the day and time they were last logged into the site.

    Talk about your hobbies or things you like to do for fun. If wanting to start out as just friends then don't mention what you are looking for in a guy or girl otherwise the people on these things will think you want to begin dating which in their minds leads to a relationship right away followed by lots of sex, apparently.

    Where I live, most of the men are looking for just sex with no attachments. I get anywhere from 30 to 120 messages a day from guys who just want sex. What I like about this site is that I can block these other members from continuing to message me. It helps to weed out all the perverts and just focus on the real men who want the same things I do.

    I've been out on 3 legitimate dates all with different guys in the past month. 1 out of the 3 worked out for awhile but ended rather quickly due to his career options. Anyways, I still have hope in finding the guy of my dreams.

    I have profiles up on other websites such as Yahoo Personals,, and All are pretty good websites but has given me the better odds of finding someone I can stand to be with.