If you are dating someone and you are both living with your parents how long would you wait to bring them home?

I'm dating a guy we are both about 23 we live at home with our parents. He's never been to my house because someone is always home when we have time to spend together since my mom is retired. I have been to his house a couple times during the day when he's off work because that is when his parents are out and his younger siblings are at school.

We have been seeing each other for a couple weeks now this will be the third, spending about every other day usually together some times its every couple days instead due to his work and my class times (I'm in college).

A couple days ago he was out with his sister, and decided to tell her about me, so she is the first to know of me in his family. He'd told me the time before when I was with him, that "if anyone she would be the first" he told which he now has.

Things are going great with us and I honestly have no issue with not doing parent introductions yet, however, today was the first day where its been an issue for our plans on seeing each other. We still did, we had wanted to just hang out and do a movie date because it was crappy weather and just wanted to cuddle but then neither of us had a free house so it ended up being a gym date. Its something we are both passionate about so that was totally ok but still annoying to make our plans based on if we have a free house.

If this was you in the situation how long would you wait to introduce so that it wouldn't matter anymore? Do you think I should bring it up with him or should I leave it for a while longer and just continue to work around it?


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  • There is no time frame as such. Whenever you believe is appropriate or whenever you are mentally ready


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  • It took me years to introduce my ex to my parents, but then again most people do so after months. As for me, I never felt alright about doing such things.

    • but did you meet his? or did one of you not live at home?

    • I met his mother after 1 year and a half he wanted to introduce me to her way earlier but I didn't want to.

    • which I'm assuming the answer to the if one of you had your only place is that you did so that is kind of different..