What are some good ideas for fun dates in your own opinions? Please read description below?

I have decided to take a break from Food for a while. But I wanted to try a new idea for a mytake. Give me some good fun date ideas in your own opinion. I plan to include these in the mytake I plan to write in the near future. All proper credit will be given to the opinion owner in the mytake. This is something new I have wanted to try. one thing more, don't say clubs, or dinner and a movie because those are typical choices. Think outside the box. Get the creative juices flowing! Let's see What you all have got.


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  • I can give you a few!

    Mini golfing. I don't care how old you are, it's fun! And a fun date.

    A cooking date. I have those a lot with my boyfriend. We browse Pinterest, find like 3-4 recipes, go to the store for the ingredients, and then make them. And then pig out on our creations while watching Netflix or something.

    A video game date. One of my boyfriend and my first dates were literally of him coming over to my house and playing Mario Party with me. All because one, I have Mario Party nights with my best friend and I wanted to include him in future nights, and two, he had never played one before so I was determined to change that.


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  • Honestly most of the time I talor dates around the girl I asked or plan on asking, but generally coffee, lunch or dinner someplace casual followed by a nice walk is a good date. If the fair is in town that's also a fun one.

  • A meal date.
    The zoo.
    Paint ball balloon fight.
    A walk on the beach.
    Stargazing at night.
    A picnic.
    A movie
    A class of some sort together

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