Online Dating & The Girl from the Gym?

So I'm looking for some advice... or maybe some point of views from people.

I've been attending some Gym classes for a few months now. I have it at a set time, and I noticed there is a girl that used to always go an hour before me.

Anyway, I never though much of it and we never really ran into each other than often.

So I was on a paid dating site (no not Tinder), which I was actually going to wipe/close my account. So, I thought I'd check my matches... what the hell I had nothing to lose. Low and behold... we both have been assigned as a match.

Now she is older than me just entering her 30's.
I'm in my very late 20's. I think there is a 2 yr difference.

Anyway, I'm just debating if it's worth sending a message or just leaving this alone. Or just letting things flow and see if we ever run into each other and hopefully are able to get a convo going.

I have mixed feelings, because 1) I don't know if she would be interested in a guy from the same gym. 2) if she is interested in a younger guy?


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  • Take a chance, you won't regret it!

    • Do you mean as in message her online? Or find a way to not to do that... and talk to her in person instead some how?

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    • I thought the gym was a bad place? I mean if it goes bad you have to see them in some form.

      I guess I'll see if I get a chance to talk to her some how. I'm not huge on approaching in the gym. I have a fairly good rep and I'm blessed that people support and like me there. I don't want to come across as that "guy" who asks women out there even if it's one.

    • Haha, you won't ask her out straightforwardly, if I were you I will strike some casual conversation a couple of times, then once you both are acquainted and if you can feel some chemistry, then you can ask her out. that is my final advice haha, but seriously dont be afraid, most of us like to be asked out.

  • I'm sure 1 or 2 years wouldn't hurt ;)
    Go taLk to her... you wouLd never know.


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  • Let it go man to many younger women out there to go older

    • That may be true... I just find younger women to be more bitchy or full of themselves. Or a better way of putting it... many are super immature.

    • Yeah but they are real lookers and are in there prime. You have to train them