Change of heart?

I recently went out with a guy friend of mine and he was really lovely and he was the perfect gentleman and he picked me up and opened doors for me and it was really very nice. I then went out the next night to a party and there was a guy there that I used to have the biggest crush on, and I couldn't stay away from him the whole night and I feel such a strong attraction to him that it made me think I don't like the guy I went out with. Me and the party guy won't ever happen and that's fine , but then I decided that I don't want to pursue the first guy because I want someone that I can be around whoever and not question my feelings for? Is it wrong of me to want to stop seeing the first guy or am I being rude to him?


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  • It would be rude and downright cruel if you continue to date a guy who doesn't really do it for you. don't just go out for the attention he gives you.

    When you are with the right man, you will instantly loose all interest in anyone else.


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  • The female mind is so fucked up


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