Is this called cheating? What should I do please help?

- We are in same class, we started casually dating, texting, calling... She wanted to go to movie but i was kinda busy.
- She started sitting away from me in the class and openly flirt with other dudes right infront of my eyes and Completely ignored me, u can say she treated me as backup.
- These other dudes were no better than me so she came back to me, i ignored her this time.
- Now its been 3 months she stopped coming to class, and we have no contact, but on social media she hints that she loves me through liking songs and lyrics.

- It looks like she ain't over me even after 3 months, what should i do, pls help me?

  • Yes its cheating. She is doing drama, ignore her. If she wanted to talk, she would have contacted u directly.
  • No its Not cheating, she is not your slave, she checked out her options coz you didn't take her out but now she is in love. If she can't get over you in 3 months of no contact, her feelings are true.
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  • Your options are dumb. It's not cheating because you guys weren't together. But it also doesn't mean she's in love. It just means that she didn't find anything better so she's coming back.

    • So im the back up guy?
      Thats why i will ignore her and i will teach her a lesson.

    • Yea, ignore her. But don't do it to teach her a lesson.. do it just because you want nothing to do with her anymore. Why be so bitter..

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  • My friend, it's hard to say but if you're her backup... WHAT THE HELL MAN... FORGET THAT..


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  • think you should be careful while handling girls... think she likes you... but I can't surely say... may be she gone to them because you dosnt favored her.. but she came back means she likes you stay as you are but dont hurt her... What your heart says? listen to you? at least later on you could blame yourself being wrong or right

  • It's cheating

  • She's a cheater man , if she loves you then why she flirted with other guys in your class

    • She suggested to go to movie, i said i was busy.
      Maybe she wanted to check out her options?
      We weren't in a relationship, we were just casually dating

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