The kiss test ?

So you like your new boyfriend or girlfriend they are really attractive, been going out a few times or just on your first date and then you kiss and their is nothing, no sparks, no whatever you want to call it, do you stop seeing them if their is no chemistry or sparks in the kiss? Or do you keep seeing them maybe it will get better.

Some research suggest that this a subconsious selector that we chose people who are genetically diverse can be affected by smell as well.

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What Girls Said 1

  • A first kiss where I didn't see fireworks or feel sparks fly wouldn't make me stop seeing someone altogether.

    The first kiss is kind of too overblown in my opinion anyway. It's actually kind of awkward. I tend to think that all of the ones after that are much better because you know what to expect in terms of their approach, style, execution..

    • Definitely agreed! First kisses are way to nervous-making to actually feel the true emotions of the entire relationship, you gotta go through the relationship to understand it, not just evaluate it in the first kiss.

    • Thanks, glad you agree and feel the same way.

What Guys Said 1

  • The sparks will fly if you really are into each other,if not now the eventually they will.Love isn't a fire you just lite with a match,it takes time as all perfect things do.

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