Is it possible to respect certain girls too much?

What I mean by this is you have a crush on a lady and you guys are technically friends but you don't know if she likes you a little bit a lot or nun at all.. But since you have this huge crush you seem to feel she isn't a certain way. Not saying that she is but girls like sex, talking about it and things like that just like we do. I feel like sometimes this girl who I really like and actually would want to better myself for I can't pull the flirtation trigger almost because I respect her too much if you get what I mean and like I think I'm digging myself into the friendzone if I don't stop


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  • Does she know you like her?


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  • Yeah well at least you're aware of where this is going

    You should tease her mercilessly for two good reasons

    1) you gage her response to the way you kid her: if she digs you she'll laugh it off, if not she'll act like you haven't said anything and that means you're not wasting your time and effort on someone who's not interested

    2) it makes her attracted to you because if you don't already know how women attraction works, then you have to know that they respond based on their feeling and emotions not their logic. therefore she doesn't decide wether she feels attracted to you or not ( think about that)

    • This guy! lol!
      I'd like to add! Some girls don't give a shit about feelings and don't care lol! In fact I get so numb that well I don't care who feeling get hurt at times.

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    • @apple24
      you write like you've been running this site since day 1
      Even though I haven't been here forever I like how people are so clueless about hints and ways the behave in dating and it amuses me to give my two cents to them

    • Yes I am! But okay!

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  • Just don't lower your own damn value man, so many dudes on gag just kiss ass it's so pathetic. Not saying u are or not

    • No I'm not kissing ass or tricking off money.. Like when we are together just us I can't get over the friend barrier this is someone I've known for a while and we just got this cool with each other but what I'm worried about is me stepping over that line and then she not wanting to talk to me anymore because I'm not looking for a relationship right now.. I just want her to know yeah we friends but like I wanna know you on a more intimate level

    • @Consultantisback
      Thanks for the laugh

  • Yes, that is possible.

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