Shyness 1 Me 0, can I have some help?

I just went to a supermarket to get this drink I like because why the hell not and then I bumped into this girl I used to know about 5-6 years ago. I didn't even know who she was lol. She just yelled my name a few times so I went to the area she was at and then all I did was stand there because I had no clue who she was, it was a hot girl talking to me that's all I knew. She then told me her name was Gemma. I remembered who she was then, puberty did her so well Anyway, she asked how I was and I said Good and just smiled and thennnn she was like Okkkk and then I was like I've got to go then I just left while smiling because I was too shy to say anything else. Then I got my drink, paid for it and was about to leave when she shouted Byeee and I shouted Byee back to her because it would be rude not to. Basically, I feel like I could have done a lot better but my shyness threw me off. What should I do? Should I message her on facebook and be say sorry? i might of came across rude for not talking to her or have i fucked up lol.

Sorry for some of the punctuation and spelling mistakes I made. I rushed it.


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  • Don't message and apologize, it'll only make it more awkward. If anything, message her that it was great to see her, you didn't recognize her at first, she looks great and want to meet up for lunch or something?

    In the future, keep in mind that shyness tends to come across as standoffish, stuck up, or even rude. Realizing this is primarily what got me to break out of my own shyness. Learn to get comfortable with talking and conversation and you'll seem a lot friendlier :)

    • Well shit 😂😂 I already messaged her this "Hey, sorry if I was rude just then, I was in a rush"

    • Wait no I said "Hey, sorry if i sounded kind of rude just then. I was in a rush"

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