Why hasn't she tried to talk to other guys?

Why hasn't she tried to talk to other guys

Ok so there was a single mom who liked me on a dating site we flirted back in forth through messages, the major roadblocks were that I lived 70 miles away and I don't have a license or car she's not interested in long distance. I told her last night I sat there and cried because I wanted to be with her but couldn't think of a solution. I texted her today that I really like her and wanna be with her she replied yeah same here but we can't ever see each other. So mentally I reached a point where I had to say something cause I felt myself on the verge of a anxiety attack. I told her that maybe it's better if we are just friends and that I don't want her to put her life on hold waiting for me because she ignored other guys on the site and was only talking to me. She's still inactive on the site after me telling her that she could why is this I get the feeling that if she finds someone I can close the door and move on.

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  • maybe she doesn't want to. Believe or not relationships are hard work!

    • She likes me as much as I like her but when I said it wasn't gonna work due to the fact I live 70 miles away and don't drive. I told her we should be just friends she hasn't responded back is she hurt

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    • You broke up with her but she loves you it hurts!

    • You were right we had a small argument and she came out and said she really likes me

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  • you're probably used to women fcking you over so im guessing u avoid committement, despite genuine or ingenuine interest.. your possibly low expectations lead relationships nowhere, and you hold your emotions till the women fcks you over or those lingering emotions are terminated by her ability to move on from you.

    • She probably hasn't moved on because she still feels for you

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    • Why would she say that after an argument lol. Sounds like she's testing you. id stay away if thays the case

    • What do you mean testing and I had to bring her around to that point cause she was upset I didn't talk to her for a day we argued I told her I was sorry and didn't mean to make her sad

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