Trying something out am I wrong?

Well I was talking to my friend who is close friends with these two girls I find attractive. One of the girls I really liked, but she never seemed interested because she keeps talking about other guys. On the other hand the other does really do that when I'm around. I told my friend that I liked the one that keeps talking about other guys but never really moved because of certain things which I didn't/couldn't explain at that time. The thing is I want to go for the friend really because she seems like she would be more interested, but I feel he probably told the other girl I like her. Which is not too far off I just am not sure if she would be serious, and that she might be that type of girl to cheat. She is always going around saying she likes a certain type of guy and would say she flirts with different guys and goes on dates. I just figured if a girl likes you she wouldn't do that crap, so I'm at a crossroads. I choose one and something can really go good or get none as a matter of fact but i am not to sure as of what to do.


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  • I think you should give up. I don't think they are interested in you.


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  • Alright, I read your little essay and have come to the conclusion that both women sound like they suck at personality, haha.

    Dude, find some other better wholesome women to be around and ditch the future coke addicts, haha.

    • Lol yeah it's like a bad article

    • Wasn't shitting on your post but the ladies your around.

      My opinion still stands; good luck, bruddah.

    • Thanks!

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