Why is my boyfriend so mean?

This morning we were doing fine, we sent each other funny memes and stuff. Then he called me on my phone and the first 2 times lost connection. we called a third time and he was watching videos (like he normally does 1/3 of the time we talk and I do my own thing on my phone), other 2/3 of the time we chat. Cos it's a very casual and comfortable environment. But today he was just watching videos and I was like I felt like he was treating me with contempt cuz I'd be like 'I like that song' and he'd say 'cool stuff' etc. thennn he hung up on me or lost connection or I don't know. And I've never heard from him since. and I don't remember doing anything wrong..


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  • you bothering him to much, give him space and he will be the one to look for you.

    • Thank u for ur comment!

    • Just wondering how often do you think couples should communicate? I spend approx 3 days a week with him (we sleepover at my place or his) and during that time we r basically glued together. Other days we don't talk much, just the occasional message/phone call. Is that enough?

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he simply didn't feel like talking. Anyway, give him some time. Don't call him first. Allow him to call you instead.

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