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There was a girl, who really liked me a year ago. I asked her out and things went well, but things came up in my life and I became distant and eventually she stopped responding to my texts. I have a class with her this semester, and she acted distant and didn't talk to me. So I sat somewhere else and she started sitting with me. Some days she extremely friendly and other days extremely rude. It wasn't uncommon for her to also walk me to my next class. I was told she was talking about me to her friends. Everyone said she really liked me, so I asked her if she still liked me and she said yes but as a friend. I told her I still liked her, and wanted a relationship with her romantically, and asked her if she would have coffee with me and we could build a relationship with me. She said yes, and got in her car and started texting someone immediately. The next day I asked her when she was free. She told me that "she didn't want any kind of relationship" via text. I said "okay thanks for being honest," but people keep saying she likes me. Now after 2 months later of no contact my friend who was in the class with us said I should text her tomorrow and ask her how she is. She says this girl clearly liked me, and was convinced by her friends to say that she didn't want any relationship with me because I would just hurt her again. I am confused on what I should do. What should I do?


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  • If she rejected you, then she isn't interested. Other people, aren't her and don't know her. If she wants you, she'll give you a chance especially if you've tried hard to make it up to her and to be friendly with her, which you did. Move on.


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  • Wow. Can I just say that this sounds exactly like my situation with this one guy I am trying to get over? It's scary. Here are the same things:
    -One year ago I liked him
    - I Didn't reply (he told me at the time to just be friends)
    - We had gone on a date (I was on my phone out of nervousness, so she probably was too)
    - He suggested how I felt and I said to be just friends (I was lying, didn't want to be hurt again)
    - Haven't talked to him in two months
    - Have a class with him this semester (avoid him, just scared I guess)
    BUT the coffee scenario was different... ANYWAY, MY ADVICE IS:
    Pleaasseee talk to her about it! That is what I would want the guy I am in the process of not liking to do for me. She probably feels like you don't want any contact with her at all, so make it clear that you do. I feel for the girl in your story because I feel like she is so much like me. Hope this helps!

  • You might dont know what u did wrong in the past. If her friend said that the girl is afraid that you woud hur her again, it means:
    1. She likes you, ok. Its clear.
    2. She still need your approach, please be smooth but consistent in approaching her. She is sensitive.
    3. Whether you know or u dont know what u might have done wrong in the past with her, kindly say "girl, i want u to know that im sorry i did anything wrong with u.. i might have hurt you and i didn't realize it."

    Thats my opinion. Saying sorry is hard i know, especially u really have no clue ur wrong. But i think you are already that close to reach and get this girl.. kindly sacrifice a bit, by saying a little sorry. We will see the result..

    • *sorry IF i did anything wrong or hurt you

    • I did apologize and the friend that you think is her friend is my friend, and my friend is going on observations made by us interacting with one another. Then saying "she clearly liked you!"

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