What to text a girl I just met that went on spring break?

We've been talking for the past couple days after meeting at the mall and exchanged two short phone calls. I really would like to get to know her and she feels the same way about me.

Key points:

-She doesn't respond quickly with text (Fine by me)

-Waiting for her to come back from Spring Break for a date (Already asked and she said, "Yes, I would love to."

-I just want to send her a text saying that I haven't forgotten about her and that I'm still interested while she's even out of town. Just one text to update her on what's going on back here.

Any ideas?


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  • ok. Say hey I just thinking about you, how has your break been?

  • Just text her and say something jokingly along the lines of - I hope your Spring Break isn't too miserable since you're probably waiting for it to be over so we can get to our date.

    Or if you're not that bold and flirty, just text something short and simple - Hey, I hope your Spring Break is going well. Can't wait for our date.

    Have fun.

    Good luck.


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