I ashamed infront of my girlfriend, I'm 25 years virgin?

I never told her I'm virgin, i give an impression that im dating 100 of chics and get laid every weak.
So now she brings up the topic of sex and im scared as hell, i think I'm gonna get exposed and i will get dumped.
She is 20 and regularly goes to pubs abd clubs and has one night stand so she is very experienced...
Im sweating while writing this, what should i do pls help me

  • Breakup with her, before she dumps you after having terrible sex with you.
  • Don't panic, go slow and she won't figure it out its your first time, fake confidence and soon you will be perfect.
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  • Definitely don't tell, she'll most likely dump you or be extremely turned off... which in the end may cause her to dump you, unless she's one of those with a virgin fetish.

    Just take it slow, it doesn't matter if you're nervous, just make it look like you're nervous because it's your first time with her and you want to make it memorable. Be confident too... or at least fake it.
    But the most important thing is to try to forget about you being a virgin, don't think about it, and just enjoy her.

  • LoL your fucked dude. Sex isn't something you learn overnight. My first time was beta as fuck. She'll figure out.

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