The next move on m side?

She showed lots of attention and got super nervous whenever i showed up at her work place with my friends, we have a mutual friend so i got her name, added her on facebook and chatted her for like a week then she ignored a message i sent, i gonred her back and a week later admitted to her that iam not interested anymore (i have told her that i wanna get to know her) i was cool with an "okay" but she didn't say that, in fact she must have sent 5 or 6 messages asking me whats wrong and demanding an explantion, i explained to her but she wouldn't leave me alone so we kept messaging and i thought everything was cool , iasked for her number and she refused, i waited two weeks and asked again, she refused with few smiley faces i asked her if she's dating my friend and she was kinda shocked i asked but still didn't give me her number, we exchanged few short texts i said "okay cool" and that was it ( a week ago ), she's the shy kind but i texte her first always (she puts up a great conversation with pics and lots of details and info about her ) but i can't keep doing that i need more signs...

What do you thing is the next thing to do? iam not going to ever message her again, unless she messags me i know how girls play games i fell for it once but never agian.


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  • I think you should stop bothering with her. She is obviously not that into you.


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