Why don't guys like me?

I've never had a boyfriend or my first kiss and I'm 17, and pretty much everyone but me has dated someone. My friends tell me I'm pretty and beautiful, but I mean they're supposed to say that so I guess it doesn't count. I'm smart and get good grades.. I play soccer basketball and lacrosse... People tell me I'm funny, caring and that I'm always nice to everyone. I guess I am shy at first but once you get to know me I'm not shy at all. Maybe it's because I don't party or go out drinking and smoking? Am I too much of a "goody two shoes"? Here's a physical description: I am 5'3 (short ik), I have long brunette hair with natural blonde highlights, I have blue eyes with gold flecks, i play sports so you could say I'm toned, I have an average sized ass, and I am a 34 c
So why don't you think guys like me?


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  • Why focus on why guys don't like you? You can't change to make someone like you. Well you can but it's only temporary. Why bother worrying about a relationship at 17. Your about to go off to school or get your life started. There's nothing wrong with you. Guys will like you. Maybe you just need to learn to flirt

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