Doesn't respond as fast after first date? But still responds in full?

Why is it that she now responds slower but still responds in full still? We've got a second date organised but she's updated tinder pictures which is something she hadn't done in the whole time we were talking before our first date and she had told me since speaking to me she hadn't replied to anyone on tinder (this was before the first date) but now after it seems she's using it again. It's weird because she also told me she thought I was going to stop seeing her...



What Girls Said 1

  • How often are you messaging her? Because if you are messaging her every second day or something, she might not reply you ASAP as she might not want to seem desperate.

    • It varys some days a lot, other days I don't bother but then she usually complains that id not text her all day... I think maybe your right considering she said to me she was worried I was going to get bored of her

What Guys Said 1

  • Pro dating tip- when shit hits the fan that early in the dating game... don't try and make things work nor understand why things go the way they go. You're wasting time/energy that could otherwise be used in finding better fitted relationship.

    • So what shall I do? Stop thinking about her and get on with shit and see if she comes to me?

    • That's what you got from what I said?

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