Mexican girl in love with a muslim boy, what should I do?

I´m so confused. I´m a mexican girl and I´ve been talking with a boy from Algeria for a couple months , he is younger than me, and I´m really falling in love.

We meet in an anime forum on facebook, at that time I was dating someone, we keep talking all the time, we had so much in common, then this Algerian boy confessed to me when I broke with my boyfriend. We continue talking everyday and he is so kind and sweet. He says always that he loves me, that I´m his love and he would do anything for me, but I´m confused, how can I tell if he is really serious about me? how he sees me? (I wanna know cause i dont know much about muslim perspective) ( I´ve read that muslims don´t date, so I don´t know if he hasn´t ask me to be his girlfriend because of his cultural traditions, or if I´m not the ideal girl)

I´m like 5 years older than him, but he talks about me with his friends and says that age doesn't matter. I know there are so many cultural differences and the languaje is a big issue. I have been reading a lot about his country and I absolutely admire it and love so many things. Would it be so troublesome with his family?

any boy who can say something about it?


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  • Pursue him.
    Educate yourself about his religion and culture by asking questions.
    Age is just a number.
    Guys date younger women all of the time ,
    Nothing wrong with it the other way around.

  • Good for you! (:

  • I don't think it's a problem ;)

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