Girls how do you feel when you dump a guy and then regret it?

Guy A is all sweet, nice etc but you dump him for guy B.

Guy B turns out to be a douchebag. You lose interest in guy B.

You start showing interest in guy A, but now he ignores you and he has moved on coz you treated him badly and disrespected him.

How do you feel in such a situation?

  • I will reach out to Guy A and will try to rekindle the things and apologize for my behaviour.
  • I will let things as it be. I will not reach out to guy A.
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  • A. It worked!!!

    • We've been together 9 months since that day!!!

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    • I think she's talking about me...

      Just ask yourself these questions:
      Since trust is one of the foundations of a relationship, do you trust her to not leave you for another guy again?
      If so, do YOU want her back after leaving you? Why?
      How did the relationship feel when you were together? Was it mostly good times or were you two constantly fighting?

    • @Baumber Everything was fine, she wanted to go to movie and get physical with me but i did not make plans, so maybe she got pissed, later she told me "your'e a kid"
      so i assume she wanted sex badly.
      It all happened after this incident, basically she started to look for some cock elsewhere.

What Guys Said 1

  • Girls don't regret rejecting a guy cause if they did they
    wouldn't reject him.