Is it just me, or is it really hard to trust someone again?

I've been hurt so many times by guys and when I started dating the boyfriend I had treated me so badly he made me feel so worthless and told me how no guy will like me because of my looks and weight. I finally broke up with him ( it took me a year ) and it started back up again guys pretending to like me just so they can have sex and when I tell them I'm not interested the next day they stop talking to me ( but I'm not bothered but happy ) I finally meet someone and everyone thought he was in love with me because he use to always hold me and acts so happy when I'm around him, I told him how I felt and he said he wasn't attracted to me. So now I really have a hard time now and my friend made me feel like I'm a bad guy just because I don't think his bestfriend likes me.

Also all of my friends knows what I've been through.


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  • Trusting people is one of the most challenging tasks that people face. Trust needs to be earned, not given away freely. Once a person earns your trust then you have to try not to judge them by other people's past behaviour towards you , because if you do... you'd be missing out on any great potential relationships/friendships

    Trusting someone is your decision, but proving you right is theirs. So if it turns out your trust is misplaced then that would be a reflection of their character... not yours

    • I will try to do that and maybe that's why my friend got upset because I sorta put his bestfriend in the category of someone I can't trust, I honestly didn't mean to though, I know his bestfriend he knows how to contact me but he never talk to me, unless I start the conversation and it's never a long one, so I guess when he asked if I liked his bestfriend I sorted panicked when he was getting excited, maybe he knows something I should of asked instead but I didn't want to try because I was afraid. If he told me himself I would of gave him a try.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Yes, I can understand it's hard for you trust people when they do this.

    • Right it's really hard, my friends say they understand me so I was kind of surprised for him to get upset at me and was acting like I did something very bad just because I said his friend doesn't like me anyway.

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