How do a quiet guy meets a quiet girl?

I know people often say that because of the nature of introverts they will never have a chance to meet each other.

But you cannot hope introverts to become like extroverts that is just like you want an apple to be a watermelon just because an apple is not big and round enough.

I personally think introverts are best matches ever if they get to meet for building a long term relationship that will hard to break. But extroverts just do not understand it and think that introverts being introverts on purpose to deny the existence of extroverts... or something like that? And in a society shaped by extroverts, no one offers a channel for introvert people to meet. Everyone hopes that who they come to a party will act like the most excited one, so they will never be an introvert in a party like that.

So if socialise does not work, how would introverts meet each other for love?


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  • Quite guy meets quite gal by going to the library, because everyone there is quite :)

    • And if we get married, our children will be a ton of books...

    • hell yeah. no crying and they definitely won't grow up to be stupid with iQ of 70

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  • Go to Poland, obviously. 😁
    (Okay, this was parodising how me and my boyfriend met. 😂)

    • Nice suggestion. People in Europe seem really peaceful and maybe I belong there = =

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