Pretty Sure I Screwed Up. Thoughts?

So I've been seeing this guy for about 2 months (not exclusively) and he's been pretty consistent. Well was. He took me out for Valentines Day and ever since then he's asked to see me every week and even multiple times during the week so I think it's safe to say he's interested. Any who while hanging out he was asking about my ex and why we broke up and if we had ever lived together. I was a little too honest and said "no I like my space. I don't like be bothered" smacks forehead. Then I just kept going when he asked about previous guys I told this guy that I have issues with getting close (people getting too close and I push them away). I guess you can label it intimacy issues? My dumba** even gave him examples when he asked what do you mean instead of just leaving it alone.

I'm not sure if I spooked the poor guy or not. When he got close to me later on he made a joke and ask if that was too intimate for me. Even when he walked me to my car he kissed me then went in for a hug and said, "oh another intimate moment".

I'm not sure if he was joking because he was okay with what I said or if he was bothered by it.

Just before seeing him and oversharing he had asked to see me 3 days in a row but I hadn't heard from him all week. My friends said it sounded like I was hinting for him to back off (which isn't the case).

I wasn't sure what to do so I finally reached out. I'm a nurse and had crazy hours this past week and wanted to call but I had to shoot him a text. I mentioned an inside joke then mentioned the oversharing moment. Pretty much said to forget what I said because that's not how it is now. He laughed at the joke and commented on it but didn't even acknowledge what I said to clear the air. Not sure why he did that. I'm still confused.

I do want him to close though I just didn't know when to shut up.

So was he bothered by what I said and that's why he made the jokes? Thoughts?


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  • If he had more serious intentions with you , yes you closed the door in it , and it on the opposite side. Depending on the manner and context it was used in as to if that door will ever open again

    • Well the context was about my past with ex boyfriends which he had asked about. Now the I like my space comment was about my most recent and significant ex, again in response to his question.

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    • It's possible that later reflection of the evening has left some measure of doubt as to if you want things to advance or for him to back off. There was a lot of gray are in what you said v/s what he actually heard

    • Or thinks he heard

  • Yeah i guess you did mor or less tell him you had issues about being close... But if he cared about you enough then he would understand that after you texted him... chock it up to a lesson learned..

    • Thanks. He seemed receptive to the joke. It wasn't just a one line response, you know the kind that you can tell that someone just doesn't want to talk to you?

      My girlfriends said despite me reaching out they would still take a step back and let the guy prove himself through actions but I on the other hand think the text was sufficient enough...

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  • You were being yourself. If that was aturn off it sounds like you just saved yourself a lot of valuable time

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