Am I just really unlucky or cursed?

So I have the problem of being unable to get a girlfriend (well make a friendship that turns into a relationship.) or even friends in general. Maybe if I give some back story it might help identify the issue.
I'm a introverted person by nature, and I have terrible social anxiety.

Right now i am a sophomore in college, and since i have started at this university, people just don't socialize with people they don't know... Everyone went into their protective cacoon and has blocked people like me, who are not from the area and do not know anyone. I usually try to make light conversation to initiate a conversation

i didn't even have friends in high school, because mostly they were all assholes and very immature.

But as to talking to girls, I try to initiate a conversation. Usually they respond and have a tone of disinterest. Sometimes they continue on with the conversation, but the next time I see them, they do not acknowledge me or anything to that extent. Even if it was a fairly long conversation, i am ignored. It's just odd that it happens every time. I don't bring up uncomfortable topics or make stuck up comments. I just act normal (as normal as my anxiety will allow).

i tried talking to people around campus for a entire semester, but to no avail.
I tried a club, but it didn't help and I dropped out of it because i had to focus on classes more than i was.
I resorted to online sites, and again no luck..
i dont know what I'm doing wrong...
any ideas?


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  • Personally, I don't think you are doing anything wrong; if you're acting as normal as you can, and you're being nice and polite, then there's nothing wrong on your end of things. I can understand where you're coming from though; I have depression and anxiety, and it's hard enough to gather up the courage to even just say hi, so when I'm ignored, it gets discouraging. What I've come to do is, just try and brush it off (which is easier said then done, I know), but, just keep talking to different people. If they don't respond, or they ignore you, then it's their loss, not yours; try to think of it that way.

    • But for it to happen on a regular basis? I think there has to be something I'm doing wrong.

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