I need some help. I really like her, but im afraid of getting hurt?

Been talking for over a month now. Been on a few dates and have gone really well. My friends like her, her friends like me. She knows I have a big date planned for her, and she know I will ask her out when we go. She just isn't ready for it right now and wants to get to know me better.

This is, I am startign to panic a bit because of previous relationships where I have gotten hurt and I dont know what to do. I feel like running away.. but that could ruin any chance I have with this amazing girl.

How can I get over this? I just feel so much pressure right now


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  • Not everyone will feel the same way, but I absolutely LOVE it when men are relentless. I really do. I am so impressed with a man who doesn't stop trying to be with me. There is a big difference, however, between a man who is needy and a man who is resolved. A needy man is seen (to me) as feminine, therefore, is lacking the polarity necessary for me to feel comfortable with him. However, a man who is determined to get me appears very masculine and I fall for it every time. This may not work in your particular case, but I think you should try letting down all of those insecurities that have you building an invisible wall around you and show her who you are and what you have to offer. If that fails, resort to plan B; completely and totally ignore her. Something about that gets me, too. Just being honest ;)

    • I have definitely been that relentless man lately. Even last night I asked her out on that date for a second time, though she still isn't ready. SO That has been working. It's just hard sticking your neck out for so long, even though she has been showing an equal amount of interest, im just starting to freak out and I don't know what to do..

    • Well, you could try ignoring her for 48 hours and see what that does. Does she often initiate calls/texts?

    • Yeah. She will initiate snapchatting more than anything. But she will initiate. I can try to do that, we do not have any plans for the weekend yet so I would assume she will try to contact me. It's about even when it comes to initiation to be honest.

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  • Ok, so she told you she wants to get to know you better, so you should respect her decision and you can use this time to show her who you truly are, you should impress her with your personality.

  • Take a leap. Best things are scary. imagine your life alone, then imagine the pressure you feel now, followed by a lifetime with her.
    which feels better?