What should I do?

So I told a girl a while back I like her and she said that she's wasn't ready atm. This was about 3 weeks ago and we talk a fair bit and we are together every so often since. I don't know what to do now, I like her a lot but I don't want to hang around for ages if nothing's going to happen, what should I do? We are out together on Monday, at the gym, should I say something? If I should what should I say?


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  • "Not ready at the moment" usually means "I don't like you that way". That might change in 3 years but not 3 weeks and you really don't want to hold out for 3 years, so move on, break off contact with her to make it less painful for her (and in the off chance she does like you a bit you'll force her to do something when you tell her you're breaking off contact with her).

    • She said she hasn't got the right head for guys atm because her ex cheated on her. She told me before when we first started talking she liked me but she got back with her ex then because she said she though they should try to work it out because they were together for 3 years?

    • Did she really say she liked you as anything other than a friend? Her getting back with her ex afterwards is a really, really bad sign. It's possible she did like you at some point but it's clear she doesn't right now. Go meet other girlsand let her come to you if she wants you in the future.

  • move on she wants you as a friend or just doesn't want anything with you atm, dont waste your time.

    • She said she's hasn't got the right head for gus arm because her ex cheated on her

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    • You think there any chance? I was thinking on Monday I will say to her something about a date or something and just try asking her about it? I don't understand her tbh because she did like me but got back with her ex cause it was long term and she felt she had to try to make it work and she talks to me a lot, we flirt and compliment each other a lot, stuff you wouldn't do with friends?

    • yeah i've met those kind of girls and i still do and the best thing to in such situations is to move on and let the girl you're interested but not too interested, be like " hey look thats cool take your time and do waht you want, i dont mind that but i can't stick around til you do all that , when you feel you're ready for me, hit me up" or something similiar, do you want to date her or deal with her emotional baggage? thats the question you need to ask yourself.