What should I say to this girl from my class over text? I Need help, what should I do?

Girl is in my college class, we were in group project together, she gave her number to group, we communicated about project over text, got to know her in person a little. Now group project is over, she didn't show up to class today and there is only one day of class left new week, the final exam, so I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to talk to her if she finishes the exam faster than I do, which leads me to my question, should I text her over the weekend even though we only texted about the project, and what should I say? Should I make small talk or could I ask her out to a movie or something? Would she be angry if I text Her about that? Please help, she is a nice and intelligent girl by the way.

I don't see her at all outside of class I only know her from the college and have her number


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  • Why would she be mad? If anything it's cute when a guy texts a girl, although I'd have to say... it is taking it out on a huge limb. Did you talk to her much during the project? What's do you think her attitude is towards you?

    But considering you had a class with her, you guys have similar majors I'm assuming? Or was this for some stupid gen ed course? Any clubs she's in that you can join?

    • Yea, business majors, and no she's not involved in any she works so sometimes she has to skip days in class, and its already bad enough that the class only meets twice a week for a short amount of time. And there is only one day left the final, which I might not even be able to talk with her if she finishes her exam before me and leaves, then class is over for the semester, I just don't know what I would say since texting was only in reference to the project, I know i should've talked to her sooner but I can never get her by herself because she always was in a group with two other girls or wasn't at class that day cause of work, is there anything I can do or is pretty much a lost cause?

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    • Hey no you can help me lol, I texted her and we hit it off well, she was laughing and her interest was very high she responded right away and everything but then I laid the question lightly of maybe going bowling with her or doing something fun, after that no texts, dead silence, I even have her 4 or 5 opportunities to reject me in the text but I can't even get a rejection as sad as that sounds, it's been a day already and I didn't see her in my class today, and today was the last day of class as well, I think she finished the final before me, should I wait 2 days and maybe give her a hey, I don't want to bother her you know :(, it's just killing me because I can't even get a rejection to ease my mind, usually girls text back your nice but I dont like you like that or sorry I have a boyfriend excuse but I got nothing and the text conversation was great and a little flirty, I didn't ask her to be my girlfriend or make out with me lol i just asked if she would like to bowl over the weekend but nothing.

    • We texted for 3 hours as well I couldn't have been that boring if that matters

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  • Text her and be straight up about it. You find her interesting and want to get to know her better if she's down with that. I've done that multiple times via text or just fb DM if I didn't have her number. It shows confidence and if you get rejected, it's no big deal either.

  • Do u ever see her outside class? if so go up confidently and just ask her out