Have you girls ever accidentally pressed the button " you want to meet a guy" or not on a dating site?

Like by accident and you didn't actually want to meet that guy

  • Yes I have its awkward
  • No I haven't
  • Yes I have and when I find out I unlike them
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  • No but I have swiped right on Tinder when I didn't mean to

    • Yeah I superliked this ugly girl in my class by mistake once and now she irritates me all the time

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  • Don't honestly don't know, but I would imagine that the "explanation" (or probably just being ignored) would be more embarrassing to the guy, that's basically being rejected, then the girl that simply ticked the wrong button! No? I've never tried an online dating svc, or hook-up booty-call website or whatever! (I'm not opposed to it or anything, but just never have.)


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