Is this too bold of a move?

So there's this girl that I like. She hangs out with a lot of the same people that I do. We're not really friends, but slightly more than acquaintances. She's a nurse and works all sorts of weird hours and can't really make it when our friends meet up. I don't have her on Facebook and I don't have her phone number either. This morning, a friend suggested going to the hospital gift shop and ordering some flowers for her and putting my phone number on the card. I'm thinking that's a bit too bold, but then again it's not really "me", you know?

Girls, what do you think? Guys, have you ever done anything like that?


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  • It's a really sweet thing to make, but it's a bit too bold. You guys don't know each other that well so it would be awkward for her to receive that from a stranger. Be more subtle: grab the opportunity to talk to her and ask her to get together, just the two of us. You could let time do its wonders, but that wouldn't be enough.
    Do not buy, make or do something for a person you don't know that well, even if you're crazy about them. Just be you and do something that you would do if you weren't under the pressure of conquering her.

    • Thanks. I hadn't planned on doing that anyway. Too bold or not too bold, it's just not something that I would do.

    • Asked her out tonight. She accepted.

    • Oh my gosh! Congratulations! It's such a great step!
      Remember, be yourself and everything will go well. I'm so excited for you!

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  • Yea that's creepy and cringy af OP, Just grab her butt and flirt lol