How would you take this?

I have liked this girl a lot since the day I met her, but she liked another guy. So, even though I couldn't be her her romantic interest, I loved being her friend, and getting to know her more and more. She's been sick the past couple of days, and I try and keep her up to date with all the schoolwork she's missing, and asking her how she feels, almost checking in regularly (she seems to like it and happy someone is). She recently told me, how her friends are the worst, and that she hates them, and then immediately after said "but not you, you are such a great person <3". After this, we talk back and forth, me trying to cheer her up and make sure she's ok. She suddenly starts sending me hearts, and kisses and stuff, things she never usually does. Then in school, she finally comes back after being sick, she sticks to my waist. Only talking to me, walking with me, not more than 3 feet away from me at all times, and acting weirdly flirty. How would you take this?


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  • Hey, you're doing good! I'd say she's liking you more and more. I would if I was in her place! Just keep it up and see what happens... :)

    • So, just keep being me, the way I am being to her now?

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    • @Cccgala @JustMeAll12 Just coming back to this to say she suddenly went cold on me, like non responsive and everything. I don't know, she seemed super flirty and interested then she backed off when I started to get flirty back :/

    • Yikes, I'm really sorry to hear that... Maybe just keep it cool for a little while and just be friendly, not super flirty. Just keep on doing what you were doing before. Needless to say, I got a little too excited when I gave you the advice to ask her out... Just be friendly. Take it slow. Sorry! :/

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  • She seems to be grateful to that heroic deed no one else has done for her. That is very sweet of you.

    I take this as a good sign that she has fallen in love with you.

    • So what next, what do I do haha

    • Do you wish to be her boyfriend? Ask her out because it's obvious that she likes you back

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  • My opinion is you've won her over. You (not being subtle) showed you had interest and she is showing you she returns the favour. I waited through my girlfriends interest before asking her out and we've been happy since. In my opinion, the only thing left is the second hardest question you can ask someone, "Would you be willing to go out with me" or some equivalent question.

    • Would you say test the waters, and let her feel better first, make sure everything is ok then ask her or?

    • I wouldn't call it testing the waters, but give her a week or so to get back into things and then ask and see what happens. Best of Luck.

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