How should I ask the girl I'm going out with if she is having second thoughts about the relationship?

I am supposed to be hanging out with her sometime this weekend. But if that falls through... which it might, I want to ask her if there is a problem because she's been acting very distant lately. We still text every day, but within the past week or two she takes hours to respond. I know she is very busy right now preparing for graduation and I know that's a lot of the reason why, but I find it extremely inconsiderate and rude that she can't find 2 minutes in her day to just respond, especially since I see her on snapchat and instagram throughout the day. She still does initiate contact with me every once in a while, but she's had to cancel a lot of our hang outs because of how busy she is and she apologizes every time. We also live kind of far away from each other which is a problem.

Basically, if we hang out this weekend, I'll gauge how it goes and I may ask her what's up about her not responding. But if she does cancel, I feel like I need to text her and ask if there is a problem. How should I ask her if she is having doubts about us without sounding like a dick or desperate?

Is it rude to call out the fact that she posts on snapchat and instagram all the time but doesn't have the time to simply respond to me? I would obviously word it better than that, but would saying something similar to that be too insensitive or do you think it'd be a valid question?


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  • It sounds like you never leave her alone. If she responds to you you will instantly respond back. I think she has lost interest in you I don't blame her. You stalk our on staff chat or Insta Graham you're watching over her. The content of your question crowds me and I'm not involved


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  • how often does she post on her instagram? every few days? or weeks? or are you watching her feed *aka... she's liking peoples posts, commenting, etc**

    b/c if she's not posting any actual pictures she's obviously 'busy' like she says she is. you know where i'm going? but if she's just seemingly constantly on instagram commenting and liking other people's pictures, i wouldn't worry too much about it.

    and no. as long as you're settle about it.

    • She doesn't post every day, but she likes stuff every day, but it's not like constant. She apologized the other day for taking so long to respond, and I asked if there was soemthing wrong. And she said there wasn't, just that she was really busy and is a bad texter. I'm glad I asked because I don't think she realized how stressed I was getting, since most of our interactions are through text. She texted me a ton after I sent that and we hung out the next day (her idea). I really hope I will be less stressed about this in the future, but I'm someone who likes to stay in contact with people. But I don't over do it, if I don't hear anything, I don't text the rest of the day unless I have something semi important to say.

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