What do you count as the perfect personality?

What kind of personality do you think makes a girl/guy perfect? I want to know what you think. I'm too quiet and nobody notices me...


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  • Well perfect personality means flawless personality with no weakness or flaws, however that's not humanly possible. Yes a person can work towards perfection say may be a person can have 80/100 or even 90/100 in personality but will never be able to truly reach 100%.

    However to answer your question, I'll tell you what in my view is a perfect personality, that is 100% flawless personality.

    Please note it will be unrealistic, but here is my reply.

    1. A person having perfect personality will have unlimited confidence and will power. This person will always be confident, it will be unshakable and this confidence will never come down in any situation.

    Please note: I only said confidence, not overconfidence. Hence it's confidence ( unlimited)

    2. This person will always have a positive attitude while approaching thing while at the same time will be highly realistic as well. Hence this person can face any situation no matter how hard it may be because this person will always be prepared before hand.

    3. From points #1 and #2 no task is insurmountable for this purpose, so this person can achieve anything they want too and will have 100% sucess in any situation you can imagine

    4. This person will be mentally so strong that no amount of force, pressure will work on them. Nobody can make them do anything ( manipulation), they will 100% operate only on their free will. They will be rock solid from the inside.

    5. This person will always be logical, rational while making decisions ( any type of decision and regarding anything), he/she will have supreme control over their emotions, feeling especially tough decisions that might also involve their loved ones ( for eg parents). This person can easily keep his/her emotions/feelings out of the picture and they will only do whatever they think is logically right.

    Now some points related to being in a relationship. In this my definition of perfect personality will be:

    6. If this person happens to get into a relationship then he/she will always be devoted to the other person, they won't have a wandering eye and their thinking would be such that they would have only one relationship in their entire lifetime so they will only be a one woman man or a one man woman only.

    7. This person will be totally immune to even the thought of cheating, hence this person will never cheat under any circumstances, will not even think about cheating. Never means never.


    • Perfect personality cont..( from relationship aspect)

      8. This person will never lie to the one they love, no matter how good, how bad or how serious the situation may be, they will always speak the truth, they will always be honest while at the same time without being hurtful and polite. They will not even tell white lies. This person's thinking would be fearless and would be such that they will not care about losing the one they love but will never lie to one they love just in order to have them in their life!.

      9. This person thinking would be such that they will never get angry/annoyed or dissapointed if their partner never gives them "sex". Hence if their sexual desire is unfulfilled it won't affect them at all, no matter what they will never stop loving their partner.

      Point no#9 is very unrealistic and especially if they are not asexual. However that was one of the points which I regard as a perfect personality.

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    • Thanks for the MHO

    • No problem! :)

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  • an upbeat girl happy go lucky sweet innocent girl

  • A perfect personality does not exist.

  • A personality that is adaptable, casual and won't take shit too seriously.


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  • Religious, modest, quiet yet adventurous, philosophical, good sense of humor