Guys, how do you feel about this?

I noticed that every time I am on a date with a guy and I feel really comfortable, I talk alooott! Sometimes I wonder IF I talk too much?
I am super charming and fun and nice/sweet and we have a great time (or at least I def do haha :p and I almost sure they do too because they continue talking to me afterwards and invite me to go out for a second time)... But every time after I get home and I reflect on the night, I feel as if I spoke a little bit too much or gave away too much information (they dont say i do - I just wonder whether I do)... How do you men feel about someone like this? Is it annoying? or leaves no room to find out anything new or know some thing new and cool about the girl? I dont tell them EVERYTHING ofc and there are still a lot of things they can/need to get to know about me... but I still wonder..
I am also NOT needy nor constantly message the guys but just let them be and if i want to talk to them, I message or if they want to talk to me, they message me... but I wonder if is this a turn off or what... What do you all think?


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  • lol you sound like a lot of fun actually. It's good that you talk and make an effort. It's soooooo much easier when a girl talks. So no I can't see anything wrong with how you are. Keep being yourself because you're an awesome girl!

    • haha thanks! I think I am too! :) :D And yes, I do - but especially when there is chemistry, and the other person also talks, it makes everything sooo much more interesting and funnn! If they don't, then I feel like I have to be the one asking questions.. I don't mind thoughh but if they don't ask anything in return or I have to be the one to keep asking, it's annoying! haha reciprocate the excitement pleaseeee! haha
      And thank you again for the compliment! haha I will tryyyy :D hihihihi :)

    • lol you're welcome. And yeah I agree the effort has to come from both sides. When both make an effort it makes it so much easier for all and the conversation flows

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  • My girlfriend is a chatty Cathy, at first as with all new relationships, I thought it was great. But now sometimes I just get tired of it, don't get me wrong, I love this girl and fully plan on makingit permanent, but it's definitely annoying if you arnt able to tune it out.
    We openly make fun of it and a lot of times I just let her talk and I nod and make eye contact everyone and awhile.
    But if you want to be mysterious and not to open and forthcoming then I would tone it down, there is nothing wrong with you and I'm sure the guy thinks it's sweet, we all do at first.
    But there is some truth to the stereotype of woman talking to much, it's a common thing.

    • I don't want to be mysterious and hide things.. I just say what I think and how I feel about something. I don't hold anything back that I don't want to... It is also only happening usually after a couple of drinks - after we both had a few drinks, then i get very excited /hyper/happy haha and just want to talk and laugh and have a great time. I think it surprises them lol since when im sober I am so cool, calm and collected. So I don't know...
      I guess I just wonder whether and how to manage this in the long term - if i feel or have a constant need for socialization or talking and the person isn't that way... That sucks! I need some more friends :p haha

    • If someone really likes you than you won't have to manage it, like I said, my girl never shuts up, but I love her so much that I'll deal with her talking because in the end I would rather be with someone who talks a lot rather than not talking at all

    • You are right :) thanks! heheh.

  • No problem, I am more a listener than a talk, so I am fine with you talking more.. just dont expect me to talk as much as you do..

    • That's a pity! haha I'd want to get all information out of you! makes it more challenging but interesting i guess hehe (and okay, it is not a pity actually but yeah.. u know what i mean :p I'd rather u just tell me than me having to ask ;) )

    • Well, I actively listen.. if you share something, I will share something to show that I am listening..

    • That's the best! reciprocation makes everything much more fun and exciting. Keeps things going :) that's when you have the most fun I think! heheh

  • Honestly I would be excited that you talk. I would enjoy it.

  • I don't have a problem with a talkative girl if she's a sweet and positive person :D
    So I would probably enjoy myself as well which confirms your experience :D

    • Yeah, I am sweet and positive. I have a very desirable but also strong personality, so yeah.. Was just wondering. hehe but thanks for your answer! :)

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  • A lot of people will answer you know all of that is okay but it is not. I am very quiet on a date and I have been told that is appreciated.. A few of my friends never shut up and I can see the annoyance in the faces of their dates

    • So you're on a date with your friends included (group date)? I think if my dates were annoyed, they would have called the night quit from early on. Also, there is a difference between being obnoxious and talking a lot... But i can understand if someone is overly talkative without letting anyone else speak can become irritating... Specially if you are a very quiet person.
      Why dont you go out on one-on-one dates? Maybe that would take the attention of others and actually give you a chance to speak. How do you expect someone to get to know you if you are very quiet on a date?

  • I think most of them would feel grateful over the fact that you are not shy and you share things.

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