Guys: What the hell happened? did he tell his friend or maybe not?

Ok so I asked my guy friend to hook it up with his friend whom I have been seeing at the gym.
he said he will but it looks like he never did -_-

My guy friend just posted something on his Facebook and the guy (whom I am crushing on) commented! ugh... I don't even think he knows I exist? Whenever I go to the gym, I am always hoping I would see him but so far no luck :(


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  • I'm kind of confused can you explain what happened again?

    • lol which part are you confused?

    • you asked your freind to mention you to the guy at the gym. Right and when he did the guy said ugh. so what did your freind describe that made the gym guy go ugh?

    • oh I see, I just re-read my question and it is confusing!

      LEt's call my friend Alex. I messaged Alex and told him to hook it up with his friend. He said he will ask him and get back to me but it seems he might have something already.

      Anyways one week has passed, and he never got back to me about it! Alex last night posted a picture on his FB, and happens that the guy (whom I am crushing on, commented on it!
      it reminded me even more about what happened if he ever asked him? It looks like he didn't!

      but I don't wanna chase Alex friend ya know? Because I'm not sure if he already mentioned me to him as he never got back to me!

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