Asking a girl on a date - how is it done?

I posted recently about a girl who I like, and asked whether or not it was worth pursuing further given a few minor reservations I had. Anyway, thanks to the advice, I've decided to do something about it. I want to ask her out for a drink (alcohol, I live in the UK) but have no other choice but to do it via Facebook - I haven't got her number and I'm probably not going to see her again until September. I haven't talked to her online yet, though we have talked in person a little. I guess this question applies to texting as well, but with that there's more chance you already know each other fairly well.

Anyway, what's the best approach to this? Do you play it cool, make it sound like it's just two friends going for a drink, or do you make it obvious it's a date from the start? Do you set a date, time and place, or at least make a suggestion? And how should I respond if she says yes?

To be honest, I'm clueless so any bit of advice would really help. And examples of things to say would be great as well.


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  • I think if you really want her attention, you should be honest and say its a date. Since you do know each other fairly well as you say. And you're on the path to victory my good sir. Setting the date, time, and place is very important for an event like this. Because two friends can meet anywhere, MAYBE have a drink, and then free willy that shit and see where the night goes. (And thats not what you want is it mate?) Now, I'm not from the UK, but hopefully someone gives you some good suggestions for places to go. And for the response: If she gives you the green light on the occasion... Ok, depending on if you already set the date, time, and place before you asked her. This is when ou both take part in making these arrangements. Other than that just say,"Wonderful (or "great"), I look forward to seeing you." Then break into your happy dance, because you sir just got a date with a lovely lady :) Hope i could help in some way, good luck bruv.


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  • don't do it, or anything, girls don't want guys, its a proven fact, if a girl wants you one will choose you, trust me I wish someone told me this at your age or earlier in life so I'd stop hoping for a girl all that time, I know it sucks on so many levels, but its how it is