My girlfriend is a virgin and its killing me to wait this long what do I do?

She wants me. to wait and all we do is make out and dry hump she sais because she's not comfortable with her body etc and she's not sure she's ready especially since im her first boyfriend she's 18 im 20 so yea its killing me to wait this long but I. dont want to pressure her I respect her for waiting but still. like it drives me. nuts. to go this long without having sex and quite frankly I don't know what to do
Do I just keep on waiting and suck it up or
Is there a way to reassure her and get her to decide that she wants to participate in a intimate relationship without seeming pushy

by the way I asked her if I should just stop trying to have sex and she said no because it would. make her feel like. if I. didn't want to and that something was wrong... I don't know im. confused? Haha


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  • Just be patient my friend, I know you are probably on the verge of losing your shit, but you've gotta hold your shit together bro. Though she doesn't want you to stop asking, the best thing to for you to do, is just that right there. Stop asking and suck it up for a bit. Asking her (even if its periodically) is going to pressure her, you don't wanna do that. Why? Because it'll also cause her to feel even more insecure about her body and less comfortable. Or worse, she may even question herself on if she's worth of your time. You don't want that either home slice. If she asks you why you don't ask her for sex anymore here's what you say,"I don't want to rush you and I know how you said you aren't comfortable with your body just yet. So I'll wait. Whenever you're ready, I am. It's ok, don't worry." Keep in mind, this may also reassure her, and she just might make up her mind sooner if you're lucky.


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  • You should talk to her about it and be very honest about how do you feel

    • we have like a few times thats where I learned that she's not comfortable with her body she's scared etc. And it always comes down to me waiting today when I brought it up she did seem more accepting to the idea of it but like I said she still wants me to wait although she wants me to keep trying thats what she said

    • This is confusing.

    • Right lol I guess I'll just keep waiting and trying till the day comes

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  • how long have you two been togther

    • Officially heading towards two months
      But weve worked together for about a year

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    • Well hope it's only months haha

    • well i mean... it's either that.. or single and starting at square one.. hang in there.

  • Ask yourself. if it's worth. it to you to. wait. If not, move on. If. so stick around.

    • Its definitely worth the wait im in it for the long haul but I just dont know how to cope with the wait or what I can/should/could about it

    • There are alternatives to sex. I'm sure you're aware of them. Is she not ok with any of that?

      Regardless, if it's worth it to you and she's not into helping you with "release" then I guess matters are in your hands, so to speak.

    • Just kissing not even tongue yet haha like I. said first boyfriend and yea I haven't done it forever but I guess I have no choice... Hahaha