What is the worst kind of partner? A doormat or a self-absorbed one?

  • An annoying doormat
  • A self-concerned jerk
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  • A doormat. I would never want to be with or around someone who can't stand up for themselves. I want a person, not a "yes man"(or yes woman in this case).


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  • Both are annoying. If given the option between these two, I'd rather remain single.

    • Of course they are both terrible, but every one has the lesser evil choice, once on a while depending on his/her personality.
      For example, being someone who does not like compliments, I would be much more willing to date a girl who is self-concern rather than one who is always trying to please me.

    • In that case, if I am forced to choose, I'll go with the doormat.

  • Doormats fuck everyone up around them

    people need call length and someone that can straight tell them what's up.

    Doormats create some sort o dysfunctional imbalance because they lack self respect.

    • I agree, but to be fair, even self-absorbed people create the same unbalance, 'cause they lack of respect toward others.