How do you deal with being single and not having someone in your life when that is what you want and it doesn't happen?

Been single for all my life, never had a girlfriend or experience any kind of love life. 26 years of just me. I desire to find love and as I get older hope fades away. I've been told I'm handsome, cute through my life, but never had any women express real interest in getting to know me. I find myself becoming more bitter towards life, I know it is no one's fault. What am I doing wrong? How do I fix this? People tell me it will happen, just wait, but those are just words. They are not fortune tellers, they don't know. Words of advice?


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  • I do not deal with something like that. I have never dealt with something like that. Right now I want to be single. As for you, there are ways to change that. Be more charismatic and talk to more women.


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