Did I really just agree to go on a date with this guy? Or was he just doing that bragging thing some guys do with each other?

I was chatting with this group of people today, and somehow the topic got onto my love life, so I said I've never had a boyfriend, only gone on a couple of dates here and there. Naturally, the group was joking around about it, and asking questions, and the one guy (I'll call him D), asked what I'd do if someone asked me on a date. (He didn't hear that I've been on them and presumed I had never done anything).

I said, "well if I think I'll have fun with the guy, I'd say yes."

He then asked what would a guy be like that I'd consider saying yes to, so I said that I don't know, it depends on the guy. Then he asked "so a guy like me, would you go on a date with him?"

I didn't want to be rude, so I kind of hedged my answer, saying "I dunno, I wouldn't say no."

He said, "is that a yes then?" So I said I guess so.

Anyway later on we were chatting, and this other guy I'm friends with came and joined us. Then when I walked away I heard D say to my friend, "I asked A (me) on a date earlier, she said yes."

Did I really just agree to go on a date with the guy? Or was he just doing that bragging thing some guys do around each other?

Just to add, after the part where he asked, and I said "I guess so", the whole group found ways to quickly slip away, and I only realised later that it might have been to give us privacy for what we were saying...


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  • You did, but it wasn't an official enough "yes" for it to be bad for you to back pedal or make up some excuse to get out of it if you don't want to.

    But is this a decent guy? Even if you're not super attracted to him, if he's not an asshole or a guy that gives you bad vibes or makes you feel threatened, why not take him up on his offer?
    Just because you go on a date doesn't mean you're committed to anything... Let him take you out for coffee and conversation or grab lunch with him one day. He may turn out to be a nice guy and you might like him, he probably likes you otherwise he wouldn't have done what he did.
    Worst case scenario and there's no chemistry, thank him for the coffee or the lunch or whatever, and now you know that your original feeling was right and that he wasn't really a guy you'd be in to, but you've got a little more dating experience (they're not all gonna be winners), got to know a little bit more about what you like or don't like, and got a free meal or coffee out of it! Don't commit to another date with him, don't lie and say "I had a lot of fun, we should do this again" or anything like that, just say "Thanks for lunch, I appreciate it!" and maybe "It was nice to get to know you a little better"

    • Thank you. He seems like a decent guy, but since I met him a few days ago we've spoken a lot in person, and I feel like what there is to know would be great if we were just friends, but if he wants more then it might be awkward or something. But yeah, so you don't think he was just making it seem like more than I thought just to one-up the other guy?

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    • Thanks so much you're a gem!

    • Happy to help! Good luck!

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  • Sounds like it


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  • It appears to ME he was just taking it as an ego stroke. The guy might not be into dating right now. He'd have to actually make plans to go somewhere and set a time or place for it to be an actual date/

  • Did he specify when/where it would take place? If yes, then he's serious about that date.

    • He asked me later on if I'm free next Monday for dinner or something, but that was before I heard what he said to my friend, or else I would have said no.