I only attract taken girls any ideas?

Girls stare me, talking to girls is easy, i got few numbers doing nothing they were literally handed to me by girls, basically its all good iam getting lots of attention from girls and i've been told again and again that iam very good looking by younger and older girls alike and their behaviour around me shows that... except, i can't find me a nice single girl to date, i've dated few girls and had one girlfriend and I've talked to other girls but most of the time whnever i like a girl and she seems very drawn to me i find out she's taken then iam like "fk this" , the funny thing is i attract so 8s and 9s like you wouldn't believe but they are always taken, dont get me wrong they always have a thing for and stare into my eyes like they can't see anyone else but the fact remains, they have bfs so i can't do anything, any ideas... ? literally every girl i like who likes me has a boyfriend, shit some girl who seemed very into me and we chatted for weeks ended up getting engaged after we stopped talking for few days and i was like " dafuq? wasn't she the one who refused to let go of me?"


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  • You have to find a way to disengage from these girls without emotion and just accept it as there's nothing you can do about it. What you should do is step outside the circle of friends or social environment you're in and seek out girls who actually ARE single instead of taken. Where are they're boyfriends and do they suddenly just appear close by after you are talking to them? Just be careful not to look like you're trying to hit on them or anything.

    • I dont hit on anyone theyre the ones who hit one and give me signs of attraction and i dont go for mutual friends these girls are random strangers i have nothing in common with them, how do i stop doing it when iam not doing anything to being with?

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    • iam not asking what i should do i know exactly what has to be done, iam asking how to attract girls who are not taken, you completely missed the point and are answering something i didn't ask.

    • Like I said, if you can, find a way to put yourself in an environment that you'd be most likely to find single girls. Singles events, meetup groups of interests you have, online etc. Sometimes it's the "luck of the draw" so to speak and it may be that's just the way it is, but definitely try to put yourself in a position so the single 8 and 9s will be hitting on you and you have an opportunity to engage them. Sooner or later you will run across them, or you'll find a couple you like eventually become single, then there's your chance.

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