Will my Jamacian boyfriend's family accept me if im white?

I am a white Canadian girl, blonde hair, blue eyes with a jamacian king. We have an electric connection. He treats me like a queen and makes love like a god.
I am a nurse and make a decent living, he won't have to look after me.
Im afraid his mother will not accept me bc im not jamacian.
i dont know much about their culture, any thoughts?

We are both in Canada and his family is in jamacia.


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  • Yea its possible but thats your problem... if you're 'electric connection' is as electric as you say, you won't have an issue because your Jamaican king will make sure they accept you

    • I just dont want it to cause him stress at all. I just want them to see how great we are together, not just the superficial

    • Best thing to do is to slowly develop a positive relationship with them

    • Ok i will. Its tough bc they are in jamacia and we are here.
      I will be meeting them soon.
      thanks for the reply. I have a lot of stress. I feel like they won't think im good enough for him.

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  • Do you like him only because of the sex he gives you? Its kinda rare to hear white girls after carribean guys.

    • Hey not just the sex at all, when he is with me i feel so relaxed and safe. we started as friends and we realized had something more.
      I want to be his wife someday.

      I never been with a carribean man before.

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    • You scored. He sounds like an alpha black dude

    • Lol i scored for sure!

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  • It's hard to say. There are some tolerant Jamaican's and some less tolerant Jamaican's. in my opinion if he is a real man and truly loves you, he will be with you regardless of what others think.

    • I know he will but i just really dont want him to have to.

      Do you think its more accepted or not accepted in general?

  • lmgao king.

    you must be from toronto. haha

    i have jamaica female/guy friends

    they see whites and Spanish as people who think they are better than others.

    so be extra respectful and humble

    • Hey from alberta

      I really dont think im better than anybody.

      What kinds if things can i do to show them?

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    • Ok like what kind if ettiquite, helping clean up and cook with his mother?

      Dont be too loud or use bad language.
      I keep really fit and keep my hair and skin nice.
      What else?

      I agree we can learn a lot, a lot of Canadians are very selfish and rude... Ha maybe why im not with a Canadian guy

    • yes all that. even if its not you. perception is reality to others.

      yes but let me tell you. americans are 10 times worse while thinkin theyre the best lol

      were way ahead of the americans trust me.

  • Nah you will be okay

  • Don't know much about Jamaica, maybe they will maybe they won't, only one way to find out

  • mr perfect

  • SMH. You aren't going to be thrown out, unfortunately.

    • Whats SMH?
      What do u mean unfortunatley?

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