The guy I met in the club?

I met a guy that looked like my ex boyfriend. Every time we see each other, we talk. One day, I met him in the club. We were talking and kissing. He said, he likes me. I couldn't give him my number cause I didn't know him fully. I gave him my facebook instead. Invited him to my house after the club, all we did was talk and he slept over. Seen each other in college. We were texting for sometime. Later noticed he takes days to reply. Giving excuse that he's busy with college work. On facebook, he's online ( I'm not stalking). If he replys he apologize. Later I found out that a girl in my class had the same encounter with him. He got out of a three years relationship, took the girl on dates and told her no relationship. I got pissed and told him, if he doesn't want to talk don't text me when you feel like it.

What should I do in this?


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  • I didn't see a question in that mix, but if you are asking what to do in that situation... well... thats up to you. someone already told you how he is, so if you still wanna go ahead, do it.
    Oh and for future reference... its safer for you to give him your number, than your Facebook... believe me.


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  • And your question is?

    • You already told him how you feel, so stick to it. I personally wouldn't want to invest in someone who is emotionally unavailable.

  • Lol a girl claiming not to stalk her crush on social media
    Just lol
    So cute lmao

    • I dont stalk him. He pops up on my facebook chat, and you think I won't be wondering why he don't reply. Nah its calm. I'm done with guys.

    • ok :) sorry just tryna tease

  • Who cares? In the end it isn't about you, grow up.


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