How can you stay positive when it comes to dating or asking someone out?

So after my conversation with my bestfriend, I totally agree with him that I should change and to not think negative about myself but it's actually kind of hard because I have been thinking negative about myself since I was 14.
Short atory: when he asked me if I liked his bestfriend I was smiling and he was happy and was teasing me, I told him, " why does it matter because he doesn't like me " and he was telling me how I shouldn't think that and he was right I need to change, but I don't think I can start with my crush because he doesn't really talk to me that much and when we do hangout ( not just us two ) we will talk about music and that's it.
Example: I was wearing a Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt and he walked passed me and looked at me and said " someone likes Avenged sevenfold " and that was it, the whole night he didn't say nothing else to me.


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  • people invest too much emotion into people they don't know.


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