3 months of no contact, should I wait or go for the kill? ... help me?

Suppose there is a guy you really like, and then you haven't talked to him for about 4 months.
You indirectly give him hints that you love him but never directly contact him, will you contact him if you can't take it anymore?
Or if the guy doesn't contact you, you assume he is not interested and you move on?

  • If the girl really likes him and wants to be with him, she will not take the risk, at least she will send a text message.
  • If the guy doesn't make the move after indirect signs, she will move on assuming he is not interested.
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  • Depends on the girl, but I personally would at least try before moving on. I don't believe in games and all that. If I like you, I'd send a message and see how you respond.


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  • I said B good luck


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  • I'd be done with a guy if he ignored me for three days let alone months.

  • Assuming you were the one who started the flirting , I would say that the girl expects YOU to make the first move. Because whatever feelings she has towards you is because of how YOU have treated her. She will just RESPOND to your actions if she likes you..

    • Also she wouldn't want to disrupt whatever relationship u two have by going against the odds with her approaching you

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