Would you date a person that has acne?

I have acne and I don't really get much attention from boys. I don't think I am ugly but the acne seriously doesn't help and I know that. However, I was wondering if this was what was stopping guys from approaching me. Do you automatically turn off flirting when you are with a girl with acne?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Sure. I've seen some really nice girls who have some acne. No big deal. It usually clears up eventually anyway 🙂


What Girls Said 1

  • I've got acne, not a lot just on my chin and forehead. And on my chest and neck. Okay I have it basically all over. But so does basically everyone else I know. I've had many boyfriends and they care for me all the same, I also date guys with acne and it doesn't make any diffrence. Plus it's usually. It something permanent and you can do anything to completely cure it. So don't get to worried about it, you'll be fine most people don't even really care.

    • Thanks for your comment helps a lot 😊