My friends with benefits girl came back, I am confused... Girls Why did she do this? Any Insight please?

So its been about month or more since I last time talked with my friends with benefits who is a girl. She´s the one who left me and I kind of kept a little space and i tried reconnecting with her too because at that time i liked her. She told me that she respected that I wasn't giving up but she then said she wanted to move on.. She then told me when I tried again reconnecting with her that i should delete her number and stop messaging her, I know i shouldn't done that. Well then I stopped and I started seeing other girls and I have gone over her now.

4 days ago she out of the blue around 01:30 in the morning sent me a message saying HI. I was surprised. I replied ," HI?" She then hesitated. She said sorry for bothering and she had nothing to say. I knew she wanted something and i asked her like what did she want? She then said it was wrong for to do that and she changed her mind and didn't want to ask anymore. I said fine... After like 20 mins she txted again. This time she said how she must have missed our nights and her mind is tellin her its wrong but she wanted me around. Story short, she wanted 1 night stand.

I dont get it why with me? Well this didn't stop for 1 night stand because after a she spent a night the next day in the evening she also sent me a message and wanted to come for an hour or so because she was wet from the rain outside and she was near my place and she ended up for a night, yes we had sex many times furing these times. She then yesterday messaged me after few days that if i got any plans for the night. I said no, She said she was studying for an exam but she wanted to come to my place because she didn't want to be alone at home.

Ladies whats the deal? All of sudden she's all cool with me now and nice to me... Whats happening?
Notice, that I haven't taken any initiatives lately, Mean that I dont message her until she does. I give her space. I also changed my behavior since last time i was with her that I am not showing her emotions that i like her. Though lately she allows me to text her and she responds positively unlike since more than month ago she used to not like it when i did.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds like she realized she liked you after you moved on.

    • You think so? I am really surprised. We used to be friends with benefits more than month ago. she's the one who left me. Now all of sudden she's messaging me first and making all moves first. Would girls do this to backup guys putting a lot of effort on seeing them Nd such? She wanted 1 night stand but now it turned more than just one night.

    • I wouldn't say you are a back up. When girls want a back up usually they dress in tight small clothes and flirt a lot! This girl seems to be in a personal level with you so I would say, she broke up with you and she thought you would chase her. She seen you happy in another girls arms. She got jealous cause she realized what she lost. Now she's hinting she likes you and hopes you feel the s same

  • Probably because you were the first person she found available.

    • The thing is that she's making all the first moves here not me. she's kind of putting effort. If i was some kind of backup guy, why is she putting so much effort on seeing me? She suggested 1 night stand with me and now it has been more than that. I am confused. I mean i like her but i am trying not to show that to her anymore.

What Guys Said 1

  • She probably simply got a little, ahem, frisky, and knew you'd be an "easy guy". Not sure if that's what you want to hear... sorry.

    • I dont know about that. I am just me but i have changed. I am now pretty cold to her. Not showing any emotions. I am being cool with her. I mean we used to be friends with benefits and now we seem to be back at it again. What surprises me is why she came back after a while. I have other friends with benefits too and seeing other women.

    • Oh alright. Well I am not sure, in that case.

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