I am so angry at this girl for being friends with my boyfriend?

Ok I am 19 years old, he is 23 and this girl who I absolutely hate is 16 or 17. And I'm so annoyed and angry because they're good friends and even though he's with me and we have sleepovers 2-3 nights a week and he doesn't show dodgy behaviour like take phone calls or message people.

She's in his profile picture (he changed it recently) and it bothers me even though they're in a group. And in her profile pic there's 7 of them but they're next to each other. It annoys the hell out of me even though he doesn't call her or anything.
And I've gone through his phone and she's not in his contacts I don't think. Wait maybe I'll have another look next time.
Should I be worried? I mean I've never been in his DP before!!


What Guys Said 1

  • You lack maturity. Being jealous like this for no reasons is what will get you to lose your partners. He is with you, he is not yours.

    • Ok but if ur girlfriend took a photo with her guy friend and made it her dp wouldn't u been pissed?

    • No. I wouldn't.
      Facebook is where people go to lie about their life. You are taking facebook too seriously.

What Girls Said 1

  • DP? display picture? I think you need to calm down! And if he leaves you so what? Its the end of the world!